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Tourism Himachal >> Treeking >>  Manali - Lamadugh - Barabhangal - Bir - Dharamsala (Mc Leodganj)



Tour : Manali - Lamadugh - Barabhangal - Bir - Dharamsala
          (Mc Leodganj)
Itinerary: Manali - Lamadugh - Barabhangal - Bir -
                  Dharamsala  (Mc Leodganj)
Early July to early October
Rating: Moderate to Strenuous
Highest Altitude: 4697 m
Duration: 13 Nights/ 14 Days


A minimum of three day of acclimatization is recommended for this trek at a height of 2000 m or more.

Day 01: Manali – Lamadugh (6 hrs)
Start trek from Manali (2050 m). The first day of the trek leads through cool forests of giant Cedar, Alder and Oak. The trail ascends gently at first, through the Manalsu valley along Manalsu stream. Extensive views of Kullu valley appear and slowly fade into the distant as the first campsite in the lush green meadows of Lamadugh is reached. Beautiful views of the surrounding peaks dominate the scene. Overnight in tents at Lamadugh (2727 m).

Day 02: Lamadugh – Dohra Nallah (7 hrs)
Now the trail ascends steeply through woodland and meadows with wild alpine flowers strewn all around. On the way brilliant shrubs of Rhododendron and Birch pave the way to the ridge afetr which a descent leads to the campsite at Dohra Nallah (3394 m). Overnight in tents.

Day 03: Dohra Nallah – Kaliheyni Base I (6 hrs)
A lovely walk through lush green forests leads to campsite (4000 m) at the base of 4697 m high Kaliheyani pass. All around are mountain peaks of Kullu and Lahaul valley, presenting an unforgettable panorama. Overnight in tents.

Day 04: Kaliheyni Base I - Kaliheyni Base II (6 hrs)
Today the landscape slowly begins to change, as forests and meadows give way to rocky back-drops with patches of snow. Steep climb through glacier and moraine leads to the camp II on the bank of mountain stream. Overnight in tents.

Day 05: Kaliheyni Base II – Gaddi Thach (6 hrs)
Now the trail leads down into the Sunni river valley and upto a buff overlooking the river. Overnight in tents at Gaddi Thach (3424 m).

Day 06: Gaddi Thach – Lambapaharh (4 hrs)
Tha path passes through rocky terrain and later it is replaced by meadows. After crossing a large snow bridge you are in forest and little ahead is the campsite (Lambapaharh 3485 m) near a stream. Overnight in tents.

Day 07: Lambapaharh – Camp I (7 hrs)
After descending to the river bank, camp for overnight, near a stream (3636 m). Overnight in tents.


Day 08: Camp I – Upper Barabhangal (6 hrs)
The trail now winds its way down towards the valley floor, after which an almost level walk leads to the camp just before the tiny village of Barabhangal. Overnight in tents.

Day 09: Upper Barabhangal – Barbhangal (4 hrs)
Today finally the ancient village of Barabhangal is reached. Overnight in tents (2273 m).

Day 10: Barabhangal – Camp II (6 hrs)
A remote and isolated village, it is accessible only for four to five months a year. The inhabitants are the legendary Himalayan shepards – the Gaddis – who lead a nomadic life with their vast flocks of sheep into high mountain pastures once the snow melts, and then return to their isolated existence in the village. From Barabhangal village trek to camp II. Overnight in tents.

Day 11: Camp II – Marrhi (4 hrs)
A steady walk and an hour’s climb leads to the campsite at Marrhi (4000 m). The scenery changes quite dramatically while the air becomes cooler. Camp at the base of the 4772 m high Thamser pass. The chill of the evening is replaced with the comfortable warmth of lively campfire. Overnight in tents.

Day 12: Marrhi – Plachak (6 hrs)
Today the trail slowly emerges from the rocky terrain into the softer landscape of lakes, meadows and forests. Numerous lakes dot the countryside interspersed by cascading waterfalls. A descent through green wooded slope leads to a tiny tea shop, this is the village of Plachak (2424 m). Overnight in tents near the village.

Day 13: Plachak – Billing (6 hrs)
A pleasant walk through a leafy bridle path and tiny villages literally hanging on the shoulders fo the hill-sides, giving thema magical, surrealistic appearance. Ahead lies a tiny village of Billing for camp (2424 m). Overnight in tents.

Day 14: Billing – Bir (4 hrs)
On the way, extensive views of the lush green Kangra valley are the welcome site and soon the steep descent ends at the tiny Tibetan settlement of Bir, the land of the legendary Gaddis – the tough and weary Himalayan Shepards. Travel to Manali or Dharamsala by car/jeep. Trek ends.

Tour ends... but sweet memories always remain.

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